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Quality Standing The Test Of Time

A Consistent Company

PAK Global

Celebrating over 46 years in business, PAKGlobal is a leading source for custom-made fabric products and supplies. Founded in 1971 by Larry Galloway, PAK has a proven track record of superior quality made-to-order products that outlast and outperform. With decades of experience and a large network of expert suppliers, we will find the right fabric and accessories for you every time. Find out more


A Competitive Company

You're Covered

Our extensive selection of resources makes the possibilities you hope for a reality. Not only are our products proven to outlast and out perform competitors, but our family-driven environment also makes your experience fast, easy and comfortable so you spend more time doing what you love.



A Competent Company

How It Works

Using our state of the art resources, and utilizing our vast network of experts, we make it easy for you to find exactly what you need the first time. No more hassle having to deal with multiple suppliers in order to get a job done. At PAK, our focus it being a one-stop-shop for each project from start to finish. After all, if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. 

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A Trusted Company

Meet the Team

We couldn’t be more honored to service some of the most interesting and innovative brands to come out of the American agricultural & horticultural industries. None of it would be possible, however, without our incredible team. Below are just some of the key players who make it all possible. We would love to see you join our family! See the full list here.


David C, Garrett III
// ceo

Dave has been described on many occasions as a tree whose roots run deep and wide. Unquestionably the most seasoned and experienced member of our team, this former candidate for the United States Senate has connections which have been invaluable to PAKGlobal. Dave believe's his brightest years are ahead of him as he sets aggressive goals for PAKGlobal's progress...


Jeff Galloway
// President

The apple didn't fall far from the tree with Atlanta born Jeff Galloway whose father founded the company back in 1971. A second generation entrepreneur, Jeff parted ways from his own company to become president of PAKGlobal following the passing of his father in 2014, and has an extraordinary vision for the company's future...


Chris Galloway
// Vice President

Chris has experience from other industries, including the bright lights of Hollywood, but has worked inside of PAKGlobal for over 26 years. His close ties to the company coupled with his desire to create higher quality and longer lasting products which solve his customer's problems make him the best V.P. PAKGlobal could ask for...


Angie Galloway
// CFO

When it comes to the PAKGlobal family, Angie Galloway is the tie that binds. Wife to Jeff, and daughter to Dave Garret, Angie has invested over 21 years into the company. Her international Business Degree and emphasis on economics makes her a warm welcome to the financial offices of PAKGlobal. That warm welcome is met by Angie's warm and welcoming disposition and her inspired vision for the future of the company and all involved...


Work At PAK

At PAKGlobal, your career can grow and change as your skills and interests do. Regardless of where you are, we work to ensure that you are challenged, respected, and happy in the workplace.