Our Family



Jeff Galloway
// President

Jeff, whose father started the company back in 1971, acquired the company along with his brother in 2015. Jeff was also an entrepreneur and owned his own graphics and design company. As president of PAKGlobal, Jeff's goal is to carry on the legacy of his father while making one of his own. He treats every person with respect, honesty and unparalleled professionalism. His experiences have given him both business skills and leadership skills that inspire all who work with him.


Chris Galloway
// Vice President

Chris is the second son of Larry Galloway, and also has one of the most rounded list of talents on our team. From the bright lights of Hollywood, where he ran cameras on motion pictures, to the cutting floor of PAKGlobal where he runs the daily production lines, Chris is not only highly skilled but highly entertaining. Chris' history with PAK runs long and deep, as he recounts helping out in the plant as a young boy. Today he's so familiar with the different products, Chris can tell you everything about a piece of fabric by simply looking at it.


Angie Galloway
// CFO

Angie Galloway, wife to Jeff, is nothing less than a powerhouse. Highly intelligent, and equally as skilled, Angie's efforts lay the bedrock on which PAKGlobal stands today. From her time working at the UN, Angie gathered an immense wealth of knowledge that has proved indispensable. Somewhere between her tasks as CFO and being a mother of four, Angie also wrote, programmed and developed PAKGlobal's signature software on which the entire company operates. 


Mark Bickerstaff
// Director of Sales, Midwest

Mark is a trusted friend to many in Horticulture. His integrity and hands on experience leads high expectations at PAKGlobal to deliver your order on time, every time. Mark enjoys worship, his family and gardening. His heart for people has encouraged ministry to many, including raising funds through an annual Missions Plant Sale.


David Parise
// Director of Sales, South East & North East

David's passion is working with people, developing ideas and providing effective solutions. While thriving on keeping up with state-of-the-art advancements, David also embodies old school principles with his hands-on approach and commitment to providing advanced products and solutions. Out of this experience from being a National Sales Manager, Global Sales & Product Manager and Senior Executive, flows an intense dedication to understanding customer needs.