PAK Global


From humble beginnings...

In 1972, Larry Galloway had a vision. And although manufacturing and distributing fabric is what PAKGlobal does today, Larry's vision started elsewhere. In fact, Larry began his journey in the packing industry hence the name "PAK," and there, just outside of Atlanta, GA, PAKUnlimited was born.


In helping customers, the best way he knew how, Larry discovered another need. A bigger need. Through that need, shade cloth and ground covering were introduced to the world, and Larry was able to pioneer his way into history. That history is substantial as PAKUnlimited serviced thousands of customers over the years, including the United Stated military during Desert Storm.


Around that time, Larry hired his sons, Jeff and Chris, into the business who would eventually lead the company into it's newest and most exciting season, and PAKUnlimited became a family company. Together, the Galloway family purchased a competitor and cornered the market of ginseng and tobacco to achieve their highest economic year ever. Although these accomplishments gave them a newfound energy and determination to grow further, PAKUnlimited didn't get a fairytale ending.


Everyone faced struggles during the great recession of 2008, but the Galloway family, and in turn PAKUnlimited, was hit with a more unique and personal struggle. Founder and father, Larry Galloway, became ill and eventually passed away. His passing lead to wife and mother, Pat Galloway, assuming control of the company. Despite great efforts and her best intentions, years of struggle fell upon the company. Struggle wasn't the only thing the company experienced, however, because it was during this time the company saw it's most exciting turn of events. 


The newly formed sons and mother team knew that this difficult season could also be a season of rebirth for the company. PAKUnlimited hired on an experienced executive and businessman Dave C. Garett III to become the new CEO. Randy Wilkins, business coach and sales expert, was brought in to evaluate the company as it stood, and give guidance to how to launch PAKUnlimited into it's highest potential.


It soon became clear that Randy had more to offer than just his advice, so PAKUnlimited began to pursue him for a full-time position within the company. Succeeding, PAK found itself with a new team of highly skilled and experienced executives who were more than capable to make the dreams of a brighter future a reality. PAKUnlimited, became PAKGlobal, a company who's re-energized vision and goals of success rest in building relationships with strategic partners and customers alike.

Today, PAKGlobal exists to become a world-wide industry leader by providing predictable results through the high-quality, innovative and accurate application of fabric technologies in a timely manner. It's no more enough to merely meet the needs of our customers. We want to solve problems before they exist so you can have peace of mind in your future results. We've never been better equipped than we are now to create the products you want, and deliver them with the service you deserve. At PAKGlobal, our standard of excellence is your complete confidence and satisfaction, and we're dedicated to making that a priority to make sure that our work for you is done right the first time, every time, or we'll make it right.