Karen Wilkins


Karen's special talent for navigating difficult situations, untangling complex expense reports and her unstoppable work ethic is only surpassed by her bubbly personality and compassion for others. Without question, Karen is the unsung hero of PAKGlobal.

Karen was born a true Georgia peach in Peach County, GA, and being raised between there and Tampa, FL gave her an appropriate appreciation for the homestyle country life and the sun kissed beach life. She attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC where she received an Associates Degree in accounting.

During her college years, she met Randy, whom she married, and who's been her co-worker and confidant in every professional adventure since. Karen was raised with an excellent sense for business, as her parents started and grew franchises of their own company. It was long before that, however that Karen discovered her passion and talent with numbers. As she recalls, it was her seventh grade teacher who helped her uncover that skill which would go on to shape her professional life.

After their marriage, Karen (with Randy) moved to Atlanta, GA to work in her parents company as part of the accounting department. During this time, she became mother to three children and despite running an accounting department managed to raise them into bright and successful individuals.

Years of accounting experience and a natural affinity for helping others learn, grow and overcome obstacles made the decision for PAKGlobal to bring her onboard easy. She serves as our controller, and has become an integral part of our growth and overall success.  

Karen currently resides in Cornelia, GA with her husband Randy. In her off time, Karen enjoys sunrises and sunsets, entertaining guests, going out on boats and all kinds of festivals.