Jordan Wilkins

Director of Strategic Accounts
West Coast • Mid-Atlantic • Hawaii

Jordan is a spirited addition to the PAKGlobal family. Although he is the youngest and newest member of our team, Jordan makes up for his lack of years with his versatile skill set, well-rounded experience and unbridled enthusiasm for problem solving. 

Jordan was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. He attended the University of South Florida where he received a Bachelor of Arts in english and creative writing. During his college years, he began working different jobs, and although he began in a customer service role, he found a passion for, and became proficient in, sales marketing and brand development. 

After graduating from university, Jordan was hired into a branch of a financial institution where he worked with the Regional Vice President to help grow an award-winning team and increase overall sales and revenue. He also worked one on one with families to help correct the effects of being mistreated and taken advantage of. As a result, he adopted a personal mantra to always treat people with respect, equal opportunity and never take advantage of anyone regardless of profit or gain. The passion for people and business he developed with this company led him to pursue his own personal venture.

In March of 2012, Jordan launched his first company, a cinematography company, that still operates today. The company is focused on wedding videography, video marketing, commercials and creative projects such as music videos and documentaries. Starting from nothing, Jordan turned the company into a six-figure earning production house. 

After years of being a successful entrepreneur, Jordan decided to help other individuals and businesses avoid pitfalls as well as to attract and sustain success once goals are met. He did this through public speaking, private coaching and is currently working on a book. Jordan's efforts and results continue to generate millions of dollars of revenue for companies and entrepreneurs all over the world. 

Currently, Jordan lives in Nashville, TN with his wife Brianna and their puppy, Whiskey. When he's not working, Jordan enjoys grilling out, hiking, playing at Top Golf and traveling.